Facebook is the Alpha of the pack: currently citing 1.35 billion active monthly users, with 864 million people checking their Facebook page at least once a day.  Facebook is rapidly developing into an all-encompassing internet hub.

NO BETTER WORDS undertake management responsibilities and day-to-day administration and moderation of our clients' Facebook pages.

In managing our clients' pages, we ensure that they are monitored for updates and posts via automated notifications (within ‘conventional’ boundaries of morning through until late evening) seven days per week.

We will take whatever appropriate action is necessary: directly replying, deleting spam mails, escalating any comments which seem prudent for our clients' attention at the earliest possible opportunity via email, text or telephone.

We implement a regular schedule of wallposts; created to encourage and nurture engagement, brand propagation and dialogue; ; adhering to full compliance with Facebook’s current Terms of Service.

We also suggest that our clients allocate a monthly Facebook budget in order to boost and promote posts that will have a significant and positive reach.

We do not use a 'scatter gun' approach to promoted posts or page ads on Facebook.  The main premise is always identifying and targeting people who HAVE/WANT/WILL use a client's products or services.


Twitter boast 284 million users and 500 million Tweets are sent per day.  With the restriction of posting messages of a maximum 140 character length (albeit with the possibility of adding shortened hyperlinks, photographs and short video clips), Twitter requires considered focus and a well-sharpened pencil to deliver-up messages that achieve maximum impact.


NO BETTER WORDS monitor, administer and handle, as in the case of Facebook, all incoming mentions and direct messages directed to and of our clients' accounts and, as before, respond or escalate them for attention as and when expedient.

Using both leading edge software programs and a high degree of common sense we arrange the posting of Tweets to maximise customer engagement (both business ‘centric’ and personal) by targeting historical patterns of footfall. We also consult upon and roll out any specific campaigns or ‘deals’ that may arise.

We principally aim to enhance our clients' Twitter presence within their Social Media portfolio by establishing a larger following within their perceived market demographic.

Among the methods we use to achieve these goals are intelligent engagement and timely response to tweets directed to the business.

We can also co-ordinate on Twitter's facility to promote accounts and tweets alike; identifying and targeting new Twitter users by their interests and geographical location to increase both reach and engagement.







Google+ is a Social Media platform that we recommend every client register a named presence upon. Once a presence is established, it can be quickly actioned and brought into ‘play’.

However, our personal feeling is that, at the present time, it is an immature medium unlikely to impact greatly upon Facebook’s dominance or the quirky quickness of Twitter feeds in popularity and there is little gain to be made from any investment of time or budget, beyond registering and establishing a presence.

“Rush in where consumers fear to tread” is the most succinct comment that we’ve read regarding Google’s presence in the Social Media arena.



Whether co-ordinating a seamless roll-out of a video on your own YouTube channel of the behind-the-scenes preparation for an event; via your Social Media portfolio, Mailchimp mailing list and Wordpress-based website, or simply providing a positive and professional response to a diner's TripAdvisor review; NO BETTER WORDS have established a high-level of expertise with the majority of complementary platforms.




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