Q.:  Why Choose NO BETTER WORDS When We Can Do It Ourselves?


A fair question.  Any business can establish their own Social Media accounts and happily post away. Many businesses manage very well in doing so individually – we are more than happy to applaud those who do.


However, we firmly believe that ALL communications posted must be handled in a calculated and professional manner in order to optimise, consolidate and increase market awareness of the client’s name, product and/or services. 


Here are some of the common pitfalls we have witnessed in self-managed business profiles:


  • Messages being posted too frequently. 10 times a day posts of product offers or minute-by-minute updates on a business’s progress are unlikely to garner too much favour or support. 

  • Conversely, too little activity posted due to core business focus and time constraints does little to assist increasing brand awareness.

  • Messages posted at times that are unlikely to reach significant footfall.

  • The same “Buy From Us” or “We Are Best!” messages sent out repeatedly = Spam and perceived arrogance. The end result being that many people will simply ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’.

  • Over-personalisation of posts and feeds.  Personal pages and business feeds are entirely separate entities.  There is little point and lesser gain in posting up the family's holiday album after returning from sunny Spain on a business feed, unless it has some relevance to your core business itself.

  • A lack of interest or understanding in generating customer interaction and engagement within the Social Media marketplace.

  • A lack of cohesive direction in propagating the company’s brand identity.

  • Profiles and messages containing spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.

  • Failing to address in a timely and positive manner – or not at all – any criticisms posted regarding the company’s products or services.

  • Falling into the trap of responding to criticism as though it is a personal attack.  Social Media can attract both warranted and unwarranted negative comments towards a business.  The professionalism of how comments are handled is a key reflection of how your business is perceived.



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